Understanding the Costs and Roles of Bullying

This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to address bullying by understanding and identifying the costs and roles of bullying

In this training participants will:

  • Deepen understanding of the costs of bullying.
  • Explore the roles of bullying.
  • Reflect and connect by sharing personal experiences of bullying.
  • Learn activities for children/youth or other staff to deepen their understanding of the costs of bullying.

Content Overview

Explore the Costs of Bullying

Participants will explore the costs and statistics of bullying:

  • On Children and Youth
  • On Adults
  • On Overall Sites/Programs

Rollable Status

Participants will explore how status and labels contribute to bullying through an interactive activity.

Roles of Bullying

Participants will examine the specific roles of bullying; the bully, bullied, bystander and upstander.

Reflect and Connect

Participants will reflect and share their experiences with the identified roles of bullying.

Activities for Children and Youth 

Participants will review and discuss various activities that can be done with children and youth and/or other staff to deepen understanding of the costs of bullying

Training Length: 2 hours