Bullying Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Adults

This training will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to address bullying by learning several prevention and intervention strategies to be used by adults.

In this training participants will:

  • Learn prevention and intervention methods to address bullying as an adult.
  • Develop plans to implement specific bullying prevention strategies.
  • Practice the bullying intervention methods.

Content Overview

Exploring Bullying Prevention Strategies

Participants will explore four proactive methods to prevent bullying at their site.

  • Demonstrate: Model Desired Behaviors
  • Relate: Build Relationships
  • Collaborate: Provide Collaborative Opportunities
  • Integrate: Incorporate Bullying Prevention Concepts into Curriculums, Site Configurations and Activities.

Prevention Planning

Participants will choose specific prevention strategies to develop in more detail and present to the entire group.

Bullying Intervention Strategies

Participants will explore three bullying safety levels and learn a different intervention strategy for each level.

Intervention Practice

Participants will practice intervening in bullying scenarios by using the newly learned intervention strategies in realistic role-plays.

Training Length: 2 hours