At CalSAC, we believe that giving isn't just about about sustaining the organization – it's about building a culture of philanthropy within CalSAC and across the out-of-school time field, creating opportunity for every person to contribute to and take ownership for those things that are most important to them and to pay forward a brighter future for the next generation.

CalSAC's programs exist because people who care have taken ownership through their financial contributions and fundraising - ensuring the services they care about continue to grow, and can reach the next generation of out-of-school time professionals.  At CalSAC, every person is challenged to take active, collective responsibility for making change - giving is one way this transformative work is accomplished.

“I want this work to never end. I want what CalSAC does to reach as many people as possible. I know that by giving and imploring others to give it will continue…I was fortunate [to be part of CalSAC’s programs] and I want to see someone else have the same opportunity.”
— LaTricia Scott, Leadership Development Institute for Emerging Leaders of Color 2015 Alum

CalSAC is building a more equitable future for California’s children and families where:

  • Every child in California — regardless of income, race, or zip code — has access to high quality, affordable out-of-school time programs (like before school, afterschool and summer learning).

  • Every professional in the field has the resources they need and is valued for the important impact they have on the lives of children.

TOGETHER, WE ARE building a new future for the children and youth
of california.  WILL YOU JOIN US?