The Role of the Site Leader

On-Site Training Module

This training offers a basic overview of the roles and responsibilities of the site leader/supervisor and how those roles support a culture of team excellence and mutual support. 

In this training participants will:

  • Identify the four roles of the site leader/supervisor.

  • Name at least one strategy that they will use to get staff all on the “same page.”

Content Overview

What Are Your Responsibilities

Participants will follow a Think, Pair, Share pattern to brainstorm a list of the responsibilities that they have as a site leader/supervisor.

The Roles of the Site Leader/Supervisor

Participants will look at the four roles of the site leader/supervisor: the Pathfinder, The Manager, The Coach and The Steward. They will then look at the responsibilities that were listed in the previous activity and decide which role those responsibilities fall under.

Strategies for Getting Staff on the Same Page

Three strategies for getting staff on the same page include sharing the vision, build relationships, and communication. Activities for implementing these strategies are shared with the participants in this module.

Training Length: 2 hours

eLearning Module

The role of the site leader or supervisor can be hard to define, although job descriptions list many of the duties they must do. As site leader or supervisor, you will have a variety of roles, including that of the:

  • Pathfinder: As the Pathfinder, you are always looking for a way to accomplish the program’s vision and goals.

  • Manager: As the manager, your site leader or supervisor job is about removing the barriers that keep staff from doing their best work.

  • Coach: As a site leader or supervisor, you are also the “team” coach. You should expect that there will be glitches in staff performance, and respond by continuing to hold your staff in unconditional, positive regard as people, while helping them to improve what they do.

  • Steward: As the steward, you are the conscience that asks if the program and staff are doing things correctly and make educated decisions for any changes that need to be made.

By the end of this module, participants will:

  • Identify the four roles of the site leader or supervisor.
  • Learn strategies to get staff members on the “same page."