Making Meetings Work

During this module presentation, participants will have experiences in running an effective meeting.

In this training participants will:

  • Learn strategies and techniques to help them plan and execute effective meetings. 

  • Learn how to keep meetings and discussions on track and focused, as well as how to handle challenging people at meetings. 

Content Overview

Introduction to the Topic

Trainer will provide a basic overview of information that is important in building participants skills and knowledge in running effective meetings.

Meeting Horrors--Graffiti Wall

Participants will share a few meeting fiascoes they have had and then discuss some solutions to those challenges. This prepares participants to be able to list effective strategies for running meetings.

Meeting Basics and the Importance of Breaks

An overview of meeting basics is discussed, to give participants a basic understanding of foundational steps they can take to run stronger meetings.

Gallery Walk

Participants use the Gallery Walk to look at common meeting problems and the solutions to those problems.

Agenda Workshop

Activity gives participants a chance to prepare a meeting agenda considering a group of participants who have difficulty being engaged during the meetings.

Training Length: 2 hours