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CalSAC’s work is driven by the needs of the out-of-school time professionals working in diverse communities throughout California. To inform our programs, we listen to the people on the ground working with youth every day and to the needs and priorities of communities.  CalSAC forges intentional and meaningful partnerships with leading education and philanthropic organizations to leverage resources and cutting-edge research and practices. We are sought out for our history of strong program design, far-reaching impact and collaborative spirit. Through these partnerships, CalSAC provides timely, relevant, free and low-cost trainings and services for out-of-school time professionals and programs.

CalSAC serves out-of-school time professionals at all levels - from line staff and practitioners to managers and program directors - serving programs of all types and sizes.  By accessing CalSAC's high-quality training, ongoing professional development and a network of professionals, staff and programs are equipped to succeed in bringing out the very best in the young people they serve. 

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CalSAC staff is ready and available to support you with planning.  Schedule a 25-minute phone consultation to explore staff development ideas and resources and talk through any questions you may have in integrating your program goals with your fall and yearlong professional development plan.

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