LDI Highlight - Eva Gutierrez

CalSAC is proud to highlight Eva Gutierrez from the LDI Emerging Leaders of Color 2017 cohort. Thank you Eva for being a leader who demonstrates unrivaled commitment to the field, and strive for advanced leadership in out-of-school and early learning!

Eva Gutierrez, Girls Inc. of Alameda County - Oakland

Eva Gutierrez, Girls Inc. of Alameda County - Oakland

Eva Gutierrez is a native of California’s Central Valley and has been serving the out of school time field for 7 years. Her career began in ASES programming in her hometown before leaving for college at the University of California, Davis. Upon graduating from college, Eva made her home in the bay area and decided to pursue a career in education.

Eva began working for Girls Inc. of Alameda County in 2013 at Roots Academy on the Havenscourt campus in Oakland as a program leader. Since beginning at Girls Inc., Eva has held multiple positions including both direct service and coordinating in after school programs. In the time Eva has worked at Girls Inc. she has been able to see the start of two different programs and is proud to share that these programs are instilled with her values as a leader which include safe spaces for youth expression, access to quality academic support and exposure to resources within the community. Eva currently works as the After School Program Coordinator at Horace Mann Elementary in East Oakland. This is her third year as coordinator and the growth and development of the youth keep her invigorated and alive in her work.

In 2015, Eva participated in CalSAC’s Training of Trainers and became an endorsed trainer in 2016. Additionally, CalSAC has introduced Eva to the significance of advocacy through the 2017 Advocacy Retreat as well as the California After School challenge, which Eva participated in this past spring. Eva has found the work of advocacy to be a empowering and helps her to utilize her strengths as a communicator and arranger. She looks forward to employing these skills as she advocates not only for her own programs, but for the After School field as well.

Throughout her years working in the out of school time field Eva’s passion for youth development and leadership has grown. She is committed to providing access and exposure to youth through a variety of different activities, both academic and enrichment, to resist systemic oppression of boys and girls of color.

“The end of all knowledge should be service to others.”
— Cesar Chavez