LDI Highlight - Chaniel Williams

CalSAC is proud to highlight Chaniel Williams from the LDI Emerging Leaders of Color 2017 cohort. Thank you Chaniel for being a leader who demonstrates unrivaled commitment to the field, and strive for advanced leadership in out-of-school and early learning!

Chaniel Williams, Collective Impact - San Francisco

Chaniel Williams, Collective Impact - San Francisco

Chaniel Williams has been part of Collective Impact’s Magic Zone program since its beginning in  June, 2011. Chaniel began her time with Magic Zone as an Administrative Assistant. Within the first couple of years of the program, Chaniel became the Kindergarten through Second Grade Program Lead. For the past four years, as K-2 Lead, Chaniel has helped the youth she serves improve in literacy, social and emotional skills and overall well being. She has attended numerous Student Success Team meetings to ensure that her youth are getting the services they need during the school day. She is committed to partnering with each student’s school to assure they have a productive and positive experience while they are receiving their education.  Chaniel has also facilitated middle school and high school in-school success groups that help students goal set for success during the school day.  She continues to seek out opportunities that help her grow professionally and personally.

Chaniel has supported over 400 youth from San Francisco’s Western Addition by helping to plan and prepare events, field trips and activities that provide meaningful engagement that ensures an impactful summer. Through this role she has equipped herself with tools to help all youth succeed.  She understands the trauma that our youth have experienced, the issues that have created the achievement gap and is working to equip the youth that she works with so they feel empowered to go after their dreams and create positive productive lives.

Chaniel is passionate about making an impact on the lives of the youth she serves and to provide a safe place for youth to come for support. Believing in the mission of her organization, “To provide youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed.” Understanding that success looks different for each person. Chaniel attributes her success to her grandmother Rose Maxwell.  She has been an inspiration for Chaniel throughout her life and recognizes her as her lifelong mentor, pushing her and encouraging her to strive for greatness and her personal best.