Creating Respect and Safety

On-Site Training Module

This module was revised in 2016 to incorporate social-emotional learning, character building and Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California as part of CalSAC's work with the Expanded Learning 360/365 project.

This training will provide participants the opportunity to explore their own relationship to safety and support, set group agreements for the series, and discover their FRAME. 

In this training participants will: 

  • Reflect on the meanings of safety and support;

  • Set group agreements for the training series;

  • Identify their FRAME for exploring the deeper issues of privilege, anti-oppression, and ally building.

Content Overview:

Body Sculpture

Participants define the terms “safety” and “support” through creating group sculptures with their bodies.

Group Agreements

Participants create group agreements collectively for this training series. The group agreements created during this training will be the agreements for the entire diversity series.

Discovering your FRAME

Participants will be introduced to the idea of the “FRAME” – all the things that make up who we are and how we view situations. Our FRAME is made up of our values, culture, background, and life experiences.

Training Length: 2 hours


eLearning Module

To feel safe, people need to know they are respected. Respect is at times linked to a person's identity. Identity is very personal and we cannot always see people's identities.

When thinking about creating program environments, safety and support are two key elements to consider.

One way to create an environment of respect and safety is to create agreements as a group. Creating group agreements make expectations clear, and creating them as a group gives children and youth a sense of ownership over them.

After creating group agreements, it is important to use them consistently to remind children and youth about what they agreed to.

When children and youth feel connected to others, they are able to better empathize and recognize the need for a safe space for all. By exploring and sharing their background, children and youth are able to show others where they are coming from.

Individual experiences cause everybody to view the world in a different light. These experiences, or our FRAME, lead us to make assumptions about others and the world around us. Sometimes this leads us to make judgments or have feelings of uneasiness and mistrust toward other people.

By the end of this module, participants will:

  • Reflect on the meanings of safety and support.
  • Learn about using group agreements to create an environment of respect and safety.
  • Identify their FRAME for exploring the way they perceive and work with others.