Knowing English Learners

On-Site Training Module

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of the English Learner population, their various needs, and ways to learn more about their own English Learner population.

In this training, participants will:

  • Strengthen their understanding of socio-emotional factors that affect English Learner achievement

  • Learn about the different typologies of English Learners

  • Begin exploring how to meet the needs of different English Learner populations

Content Overview:


Participants will pair up to answer a self-reflection questions. This will prepare them to understand where they have points of connection with the experience of English Learners.

English Learner Student Profiles

Participants have a chance to reflect on an English Learner they know and think about what they know about her/him.

Socio-emotional Factors

This activity introduces participants to the 9 most common socio-emotional factors that English Learners grapple with, which often affect achievement and participation in school.

Exploring English Learner Typologies

Through this activity, participants learn about 6 different English Learner Typologies.

Introducing Program Tools

Participants become familiar with the activities and tools that they will be taking back to their programs to implement with the rest of their staff in order to help them to better understand and meet the needs of their EL population.

Training Length: 4 hours

eLearning Modules

This course serves as a compliment to Knowing English Learners, an in-person training offered through CalSAC's English Learner Training and Professional Development Project. This review course is for CalSAC EL Trainers and participants. CalSAC Trainers can use this module as a way to brush up on the Socio-Emotional Factors and English Learner Typologies before conducting a training, and participants can use the module to further their understanding of the Factors and Typologies.