Water and Energy

Water and Energy is Activity Guide #3 in the 4-part Energenius® OST Curriculum for children and youth in out-of-school time (OST) programs. It is designed to engage children and youth to think about water – where it comes from, how it’s used, and how to conserve this natural resource. This training module will prepare participants to deliver the activities from Water and Energy as well as help children and youth bring water saving resources home.

*Only agencies in PG&E service areas can request these trainings. Click here to view the PG&E service area map, and please contact us with any questions.

In this training participants will:

  • Be able to facilitate activities in Energenius® Out-of-School TimeActivity Guide: Water and Energy with children and youth.

  • Be able to provide resources for saving money for the families of the children and youth in their programs.

Content Overview: 

Energy Source Tag

This quick activity will get participants moving and thinking about how renewable and non-renewable energy sources work.

Energy and the Environment

Participants have a chance to experience an activity from the Energenius® Out-of-School Activity Guide: Energy and the Environment to prepare them to lead it with children and youth.

Energenius® Out-of-School Activity Guide: Water and Energy

This activity allows participants to explore the remaining 2 activities in Energy and the Environment. They will have a chance to plan how they will implement the activities and identify ways to make the activities meet the needs of the children and youth in their programs.

Engaging Families and Communities

Participants will engage in self-reflection about family engagement and think about ways to connect families to the activities and resources that children and youth will be receiving.

Training Length: 2 hours