Exploring Curriculum Activities

On-Site Training Module

This module was developed as part of the California Department of Education/Child Development Division School-Age Training Project and was revised in 2017 to incorporate specific language, examples and tips for summer and year-round learning programs.

This module offers a basic overview of the 6 curriculum areas as defined by the California Department of Education.  Participants will experience a simple activity from each area and discuss the importance of a well-balanced program. 

In this training participants will:

  • Identify and list the 6 curriculum areas in the California Academic Content Standards.
  • Consider the curriculum areas when planning program activities.

Content Overview

Curriculum Carousel

Participants will divide into 6 even groups and visit each chart for 5 minutes. The participants will add to the chart, which is divided into 2 columns, a list ofactivities that they currently utilize in that curricular area in their program and in the second column list their challenges in that area.

Experiencing the Curriculum

Define and visit each curriculum area with simple activities that provide fun examples of how the areas are ‘seen' in after school programs.

  1. Language Arts - Simple Poetry

  2. Math - Simple Dice Games

  3. Science - Lima Bean Bag Garden

  4. History and Social Science- Community Flags

  5. Physical Education - Spoon Relays

  6. Visual and Performing Arts - A Day in the Life of a Gum Ball

Training Length: 2 hours


eLearning Module

Today, more than ever, programs are being asked to integrate academic activities into programming. Improving academic performance and achievement requires us to intentionally create opportunities for children and youth to learn and discover their own interests, strengths, and talents within the academic areas.

Out-of-school time programs have the unique opportunity to teach academics in engaging ways, steeped in youth development principles and values.

This module explored the basic academic areas of language arts, math, physical education, social science, visual and performing arts, and science, and fun ways to integrate them into your program.

By the end of this module, participants will:

  • Identify and experience the six curriculum areas defined in the Content Standards for California Public Schools and the California Common Core State Standards.
  • Learn how to integrate these different curriculum areas in program planning.