All children need social-emotional and character skills to thrive in school, work and life. Out-of-school time programs play an important role in helping young people develop confidence, problem-solving skills, self-management, and interpersonal skills. Cultivating Social-Emotional Learning Skills training series equips out-of-school time staff to support young people in developing these skills.

About THE curriculum

Thirty of our most popular on-site training modules incorporate social-emotional learning and Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California. Additionally, nine modules - available both as on-site and eLearning trainings - specifically focus on providing participants with foundational knowledge on the important role out-of-school time and expanded learning programs play in helping young people develop social-emotional skills. These trainings equip those in leadership positions with the skills they need to create environments for adult staff to thrive as they support youth in social-emotional learning skills. 

Request any of these modules on their own, create a series, or invest in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) focused on the nine social-emotional learning skills modules. Participants share their experiences and apply learning in between the scheduled training sessions. There is a PLC track for frontline staff and a track for leadership-level staff.

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Staff are checking in with kids to see how they are feeling and setting tone for instruction, which had not happened before. This helped with behavior management. Kids are being listened to and feel like they are seen. Staff now have different lens and more sensitivity to their approach.
— Services Program Manager, EAH Housing


Please contact Hannah Davidman at 510-444-4622 x110 or for more information about the social-emotional learning and character development training.