LDI Highlight - Leticia Espino

The California School-Age Consortium is proud to highlight Leticia Espino from CalSAC's Leadership Development Institute 360°/365 fellowship.  Leticia is a leader who has demonstrated unrivaled commitment to the field and drive for advanced leadership in the out-of-school time and early learning field.

Leticia Espino, City of San Jose, Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services - San Jose

Leticia Espino, City of San Jose, Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services - San Jose

Leticia Espino is a native Californian who has been serving the community for the past 16 years.  Her career began in ASES programming in San Jose, California, while attending San Jose State University to pursue and further her education.  Throughout her college career she took on distinct leadership roles within out-of-school time, and her interest in supporting afterschool programs became one of her passions in serving different communities within San Jose.

Leticia began working for the City of San Jose in 2002 for a Level 3 ASES site at Anne Darling Elementary as a front line staff. Her interest in serving a diverse population gave her the drive to seek different leadership roles within the out-of-school team, where she experienced direct services to coordinating.  Leticia also had the privilege to work for the non-profit Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley as a Director.  There, she learned the non-profit world and was eventually able to take that expertise back to the City of San Jose as a Recreation Specialist.  She then embarked on efforts in building quality programming and staff. During this time, she developed new networking relationships that would be beneficial in starting new afterschool sites and continuing to build others.  She also had the privilege of attending trainings and conferences, such as the BOOST (Best of Out-of-School Time) Conference, that would encourage her career development.

Throughout her years working in out-of-school time, Leticia’s passion in working with the community advanced her desire to support other community services.  In May 2018, Leticia was promoted and given the opportunity to fill the Recreation Supervisor role, while attending CalSAC Leadership Development Institute 360/365.  She is committed to providing community access and is inspired to advocate for today’s youth and the future.

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.
— Maya Angelou