LDI Highlight - Majanaye Anderson

CalSAC is proud to highlight Majanaye Anderson from the LDI Emerging Leaders of Color 2017 cohort. Thank you Majanaye for being a leader who demonstrates unrivaled commitment to the field, and strive for advanced leadership in out-of-school and early learning!

Majanaye Anderson, Beyond the Bell Youth Development Program Unit - Los Angeles

Majanaye Anderson, Beyond the Bell Youth Development Program Unit - Los Angeles

Majanaye Anderson is passionate about public service and serves as a Traveling Playground Supervisor for The Beyond the Bell Youth Development Program Unit for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Majanaye is responsible for six elementary-school sites, and she provides guidance to 40 staff members that service 1000 students.

Majanaye is a resourceful, courageous organizer. She exhibits her leadership by understanding the power of collectivism and community. Majanaye believes that leadership has nothing to do with position, but everything to do with one's integrity and ability to understand the value that each individual brings to the table. The growth of her leadership ability can be attributed to time and gained knowledge in the workforce.

Because of her inquisitive nature and her ability to understand the importance of community and collectivism, she has been awarded many opportunities to refine her competence in the expanded learning field. Majanaye has conducted professional development trainings to over 700 employees regarding compliance, mentorship, and quality improvement. She participated in the 2015-2016 Professional Readiness Cohort for the Beyond the Bell Youth Development Unit and, upon the successful completion of the course, Majanaye was asked to serve as a mentor for 2016-2017.

In 2016, Majanaye helped develop a workshop for the BOOST Conference (Best of Out-Of-School Time) which focused on expanded learning programs quality improvement for LAUSD. Majanaye was a presenter for the 2016 workshop and, due to the success of the workshop, Majanaye was asked to collaborate with the Beyond the Bell administration to create a workshop entitled, “Mentors for Positive Change” for BOOST 2017.

Throughout her employment with LAUSD, Majanaye has learned the importance of actively listening to her team and actively allowing the team to participate in the development of change. Majanaye understands that a true leader will understand the importance of strategically including others when actively engaging change.

Ultimately, Majanaye’s readiness to thrive as a leader has been cultivated by her ability to know when and with whom to ask for help as well as understanding why she needs help. The foundation for her future success has been developed by owning the truth of knowing why she uses her community resources - to achieve her personal goals in an effort to pay it forward.