Messages from the Environment

This module was revised in 2017 to incorporate specific language, examples and tips for summer and year-round learning programs.

Out-of-school time programs share space and facilities that are used by other people and for other purposes during the school day.  Learning how to accomplish this in a collegial, congenial way is essential for effective programming.

In this training participants will:

  • Built skills in adapting environments to make positive changes in out-of-school time programs so that those environments intentionally send desired messages.
  • Identified nonverbal messages that the environment sends to the people who work or play within it.

Content Overview:

The World Around Us

This activity helps to focus participants on the environment by looking closely at the training environment.

Indoor Environments

Focus on the indoor environment and the message that an appropriate indoor environment (desks, chairs, displays) send to the children/ youth and families.

Outdoor Environments

Looks closely at the outdoor environment and the messages sent in terms of welcome, safety, and freedom to play and explore.

You Are the Re-Designer

This activity puts the participant in the role of designer, creating an environment that is sending positive messages to children and families.

Creating An Action Plan

Participants will prioritize the areas of their program environments that need the most improvement, and commit to making useful changes.

Training Length: 2 hours