Becoming Allies with Children Youth and Families

This module was revised in 2016 to incorporate social-emotional learning, character building and Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California as part of CalSAC's work with the Expanded Learning 360/365 project.

This training summarizes all of the self-reflection and knowledge gained in previous trainings and helps move participants to become allies. 

In this training participants will:

  • Reflect on what they’ve learned from the previous trainings;

  • Define and identify qualities of an ally;

  • Identify two strategies to be an ally;

  • Commit to being an ally to foster a safe and supportive environment;

  • Find a comrade for the journey.

Content Overview:

Reviewing Group Agreements

Participants will review the group agreements that they created and add anything that they feel is still missing or needs to be revisited.

My Story

This activity gets participants thinking about everything they have learned thus far, by looking at how they would tell the story of their journey as they have learned throughout these modules.


Participants analyze what it means to be an ally and construct a definition, after responding to some images and concepts. This will define and identify qualities of an ally to help participants in their work.

Training Length: 2 hours