Leading with Social-Emotional Learning and Character

Leading with Head and Heart

Those in leadership positions have a responsibility to both lead and manage. Participants will understand the differences between the two, and the steps we can take to cultivate both. Participants will explore how leaders create safe, supportive environments by modeling self-awareness, interpersonal skills and growth mindset in how we lead and manage.

Also available as an eLearning training. 

Supervising with Head and Heart

During this module, participants will explore the importance of social-emotional learning and character skills in our roles as supervisors. Participants will reflect on their personal roadblocks and potential pitfalls as a supervisor as well as be introduced to a management framework to help strengthen their supervision.

Also available as an eLearning training. 

Coaching with Head and Heart

This module introduces participants to a coaching process that includes an awareness to social-emotional learning and character of adults. Designed for those in leadership and/or supervisory positions, participants will practice skills needed in coaching to support an environment for adult staff to learn and grow.

Also available as an eLearning training.