Your Leadership Style

This is a two-part workshop. The first half is an informal assessment of leadership styles relating to the animal kingdom. The second is a more formal assessment of work styles.

In this training participants will:

  • To identify individual leadership styles

  • To build skills toward working effectively with staff with differing styles.

Content Overview

The Balloon Tower

In this training, the participants will be focusing on their leadership style. This exercise helps to focus on how groups interact when given a random task to accomplish. This training will show how these interactions can be more productive and positive for all types of teams.

What is Your Leadership Style

It will also show your personal style in working with the team. After introducing the activity, it is helpful to poll the participants about their prior knowledge by asking them whether they have had their leadership styles assessed before and, if so, to share some of the information that they learned through this process.

Wilson Learning Work Style Assessment

Now that you have done an informal assessment, the participants will complete a more formal assessment tool and see how this relates to the informal assessment they have just worked on.

Action Plan

Staff takes a survey to determine what motivates them to do good work.

Training Length: 2 hours