New Youth Worker Competencies

On-Site Training Module

During this training, participants will learn about the core competencies of working in an OST environment through examining four main principles of youth development.

In this training participants will:

  • Understand four main principles of youth development as they relate to children and youth’s identity & development.

  • Reflect on and examine their role as a “Youth Worker” and how youth development principles should guide and inform our work with children and youth.

  • Establish their own list of “core competencies” for new youth workers.

Content Overview:

What is a Youth Worker?

Participants will develop a working definition of “youth worker” to establish a common understanding of the various roles youth workers play in the lives of children and youth.

Youth Development 101

Participant will move around the room and write action and feeling words that relate to the five core Youth Development principles. Discussion will focus on the relationship between actions and feelings, and how this relates to children and youth’s development.

Youth Worker Core Competencies

Participants will review a list of ten Youth Worker Core Competencies in small groups. Each group will focus on one Youth Development principle and how their principle relates directly to the ten Core Competencies.

Training Length: 2 hours