English Language Development, Academic Support, and Linkage to the School Day

Participants will learn about the research behind language development and gain an understanding of research-based strategies to support English language development and provide academic support to English Learners.

In this training, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the different stages of Language Development

  • Explore strategies to support academics and English language acquisition

  • Identify ways to connect to the school day to better support English Learners

Content Overview:

Tea Party Quotes

Participants take turns pairing up to read quotes from English Learners. This will prepare them to understand some of the experiences ELs have as they learn English.

Stages of Language Development

Introduces participants to five levels of language development through a video clip and matching activity.

Implementing General EL Strategies

Participants will be introduced to different strategies (with implementation examples) to support English language development, which can be integrated in different aspects of the program.

Modifying an Activity

Participants practice modifying common after school activities to address the linguistic and academic needs of English Learners.

Linkage to the School Day

Participants receive tips and tools for making connections with the school day to better support English Learners.

Training Length: 4 hours