Apply to Join the Trainer Network!


Each staff who works with young people should have access to high-quality professional development and to a network that supports their work with youth. The CalSAC Trainer Network offers this unique opportunity to deepen your facilitation skills and connect with a statewide community of passionate OST professionals. 

CalSAC is now accepting new trainer applications and will add 60 new professionals to our Trainer Network this fall. In addition to growing our Trainer Network, CalSAC is excited to announce that we are developing new training curriculum focused on supporting the mental health and wellness of young people. This new curriculum will be available to all new trainers to ensure programs in their community and programs statewide are equipped with the knowledge and skills to support young people's mental health. 

We highly encourage you to apply to the Trainer Network to invest in your own professional development, bring high-quality training curriculum to your community, and to connect with a passionate community of OST professionals. After acceptance, CalSAC Apprentice Trainers will attend a 3-day intensive training (October 17-19) and embark on an 8-month certification process with the support of a CalSAC Mentor. Read more on our website, review the Application Preview document, or join an upcoming webinar for more information. The deadline to submit your application is August 23rd!

Trainer Network Informational Webinars: