Taking the Leap: A Feature on CalSAC's Individual Giving Program

We are excited to share that CalSAC is being featured in the March/April issue of Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT)'s Grassroots Fundraising Journal!  It was an honor to share about CalSAC’s collective accomplishments in individual giving fundraising and to reflect on why our efforts are working.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, Ruth, CalSAC’s executive director and I jumped out of an airplane at 13,000 feet—hurtling through the air, side by side—me stone-faced in horror; her laughing the whole way down (not an unfamiliar dynamic between us). Getting on the plane and out those cabin doors was no small feat for me–at moments I must have resembled that cartoon cat who, no matter how hard you try to drag them out the door, they find a way to contort and flatten their body every which way to keep from passing through. Yet, we took the leap. Then, at about 3,000 feet our parachutes opened, and we were suddenly floating, bobbing through the air, looking far off onto the horizon at all the possibility below.