CalSAC's Legacy and the Future Ahead

Dear CalSAC Community,

As I look back on the history of the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC), I am humbled, inspired and activated.  Humbled by the small group of people who came together 35 years ago because they could see that we could do better for children and youth – and for the adults responsible for their care.  Inspired because their efforts made a difference and activated by the opportunity to build upon the legacy of these great leaders.

Now, 35 years later, CalSAC is a thriving organization, united with thousands of professionals who are empowered to advance and strengthen their programs – making them more enriching, more inclusive, and more equitable for California’s children and youth.  And, while we are transforming the out-of-school time community together, we as individuals also transform.  In turn, the world becomes a little brighter – more connected, more just. There could be no better time in the history of our country for CalSAC and the out-of-school time field to be a vibrant beacon of hope for the next generation.

2017 marks a defining moment for CalSAC.  Over the last year, we have been working to better capture our story and impact - to show through our branding, reporting and communications who we are and how what we believe shapes our approach to creating change.  We are an organization committed to educational, economic and racial justice. We are a diverse community of people, each who appreciates the unique gifts and perspectives of one another. We are advocates for the children and families in our communities, state and nation. 

When I look at our new logo, I am reminded of you – the individuals who are the fabric of this incredible organization and the future that we are all striving toward together.  CalSAC’s legacy is our legacy:  We unite.  We empower. We transform.   I am honored to be part of it and emboldened to continue to build the field – expanding our reach, deepening our impact and elevating our collective power for California’s children and youth. 


In solidarity,
Ruth Obel-Jorgensen
Executive Director