9 Temperament Traits

During this training, participants will gain understanding of a child/youth’s temperament by exploring philosophies on how to build self-management, self-awareness, foster friendships, develop social awareness and interpersonal skills, make developmentally-appropriate choices, understand natural/logical consequences, and to help them take responsibility for behaviors.

In this training participants will:

  • Gain understanding of 9 temperament traits that impact child/youth's engagement in the program and with others.
  • Identify strategies to respond to each temperament trait when working with children and youth.

Content Overview:

Personal Temperament Profile

Participants will rate their own temperament to construct a foundation for reflection. This will create an opportunity for participants to reflect on their own personal temperament in relation to the children/youth they serve.

9 Temperament Traits

Participants will learn 9 Temperament Traits, and will identify positive outcomes and challenges that can arise from for working with each temperament trait.

Strategies for Temperament

Participants will identify strategies and ideas for working with the 9 different temperament traits.

Training Length: 2 hours