Practitioners, policymakers and researchers agree: Staff are the heart of quality afterschool programming.  Trained, supported, respected and confident staff stay at their programs longer, and in turn, build positive relationships with their colleagues, students, and school community. Staff that has access to ongoing, high-quality professional development create programs that are strongly correlated with higher student outcomes.  

Starting to think about your professional development plan for the fall? We’re here to help!

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CalSAC staff is ready and available to support you with planning.  Schedule a 25-minute phone consultation to explore staff development ideas and resources and talk through any questions you may have in integrating your program goals with your fall and yearlong professional development plan.


Questions? For more information, contact Ayala at or 510-444-4622 x105.

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Create your own professional development plan at a discount by booking multiple CalSAC trainings at once!

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For more information, or to book trainings, contact Hannah at or (510) 444-4622x110.