Michael McGarity


Program Supervisor, Clovis Unified School District. 

Mentor Project Leader, ToT Project Leader, CalSAC Central California Chapter Leader  CalSAC Senior Certified Trainer | since 2008    

“I have trained with CalSAC curriculum with my employees as well as with many other organizations throughout California. Even if I don't tap into all of the vast amount of material that CalSAC offers, much of it free, it's always at my fingertips. It is neat how CalSAC has different trainings for not just leaders but also frontline staff.”

For several years, Michael has also been very involved with CalSAC's NPASS program. “CalSAC opened the door to other forms of STEM curriculum for me, and five years ago, I had the opportunity to be one of the pilot programs for NPASS. It's fun and exciting to continue to implement the great and amazing things that CalSAC taps into constantly. We have been able to implement this curriculum within the majority of our programs and have reached a lot of children. Staff are getting training they would not get otherwise, and children are really enjoying it!”

“One thing that makes the organization so great is their commitment to serving the whole afterschool community and all stakeholders that are involved.  CalSAC pays attention to our impact on staff, but also on the children and the programs as a whole. This reaches beyond schools and afterschool. I also love CalSAC's focus on how we also impact the communities where our programs are located. Their work has been very intentional.