Out-of-school time programs play an important role in helping young people develop confidence, problem-solving skills, self-management, and interpersonal skills.  The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) 360°/365 deepens the knowledge, skill and abilities of site coordinator and supervisory level staff to help staff and youth build a solid foundation of character, which imparts valuable social skills for success in school, work and life.

The LDI 360°/365 is driven by the understanding that children and youth need good role models who demonstrate agency, empathy and respect, and a strong sense of self.  

By helping emerging leaders strengthen their social-emotional and character skills, LDI 360°/365 fellows create positive environments for people at all levels of their organization through increased emotional intelligence, and more intentional character approaches to leadership and management - from the programs and policies created, to the interpersonal interactions with colleagues, families, youth and stakeholders.


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"An intangible piece that I learned from my LDI experience is self-awareness and confidence in my abilities as a leader, which was strengthened and encouraged by my fellows..."

Launched in 2015, the LDI 360°/365 was designed to incorporate two strongly-held beliefs of the Expanded Learning 360°/365 collaborative:

  • 360° – In order for children to grow into healthy and productive citizens, they must learn and practice a wide variety of inter-related skills – social-emotional, character as well as academic –  the whole child.

  • 365 – Children learn in a variety of settings and year-round. This includes formal settings such as school, and informal settings such as afterschool, extracurricular activities, and summer youth programs.

In 2016, CalSAC piloted a team-based learning model for LDI 360°/365, inviting organizations to invest in staff teams of 3-5 emerging leaders.  We've found that this approach helps participants develop a strong bond and trust with their colleagues, providing a unique support system to fellows as they apply new practices and introduce change within their organization.