Jennifer Best


San Diego

YMCA of San Diego, Program Director

Board Member | 2018-2021

LDI Fellow | 2016


Jennifer Best has worked with the YMCA since 2009. She prides herself on being a cause driven leader who continually advocates for youth development and social responsibility. She currently is the Camp Director overseeing the Toby Wells YMCA. In this position, she is able to directly serve the community. She is currently enrolled at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, obtaining her degree in Organizational Management and Child Development. She sees herself as a lifelong learner who wants to initiate positive change in youth and the world. Jennifer shares the following about the impact of CalSAC’s LDI:

“I remember being a child, and passionately thinking about my dreams in the most innocent fashion. I would sit on my porch, deep in thought and visualize all the things that I wanted to become - a doctor, an architect, a ballerina - not realizing at the time that adults peruse one career path.  When you’re a child you imagine life in the most fascinating way! Everything is easy, everything is attainable, and everything is sugar coated in positivity.”

“Prior to joining LDI, my progress, focus, and professional movement were stunted. I lost sight of my value, my purpose, and my goals.  The program help me reach a point of resolution that I couldn’t find for years on my own.”

 “Participating in the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has helped me develop a clear vision of what I want to achieve. Some of my aspirations are short term, and some are long term. All, however, shape the person I ultimately want to become. At this point in my life I’m ready to come into my own, and live to be my true authentic self.  I have fought through personal struggles, worked through obstructions, and have been victim to losing my faith; today I’m excited to be in the true grace of God, and on the path to living my purpose." 

“LDI helped me identify goals, strengths, and hurdles that are specific to me and my professional development, and they bridged the gap by helping me realize that I am capable of achieving more. I now feel empowered to advocate for things that are important to me because LDI equipped me with the ability to reach out of my comfort zone, and advocate for diversity in the work place.”