Beryl Johnson

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Sacramento, 21stCentury Afterschool Education, CEO

Certified CalSAC Trainer | since 2001   Former Sacramento Chapter Leader

"My passion has always been to support and to deliver professional development in the field. I have also a passion for developing people, whether its adults or young people. 

I was a program administrator in Walnut Creek, California, of an afterschool program that was a private, nonprofit organization, and we found out about CalSAC through the state conferences that CalSAC used to have. And this was probably back in 86… 1986, 87, and we became affiliated with the organization at that time there was membership opportunities as well, so our organization became a member of CalSAC. We have participated in the conferences for the number of years that there were conferences, state conferences. That was my first introduction to CalSAC. 

CalSAC has been the only organization in the state of California - the first organization in the state of California - that has provided a support system for people like myself to offer and extend professional development to a lot of our staff and just people in general working with young people. CalSAC has really provided that system of support to be able to afford professional development, community connections around developing the field but also providing people with the opportunities to develop themselves, to function and to practice in the field."