CalSAC's Trainer Network builds the training and facilitation skills of out-of-school time professionals and connects them to a vast network of their peers, organizations and resources to help them develop professionally and deepen their impact on the children and communities they serve.  In turn, these individuals provide training and support to staff working in a variety of youth development programs across the state.  When individual providers increase their skills and confidence, it benefits not just the young people they work with, but the strength of the out-of-school time field as a whole.

Professionals who join the Trainer Network hone and deepen their:

  • Training and facilitation skills

  • Ability to deliver effective technical assistance

  • Leadership capacity

  • Knowledge and connection to the statewide out-of-school time field

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How to Become a Certified Trainer

CalSAC Apprentice Trainers complete an 8-month certification process where they participate in a three-day intensive Training of Trainers Institute, implement CalSAC's on-site training curriculum to programs in their community, and receive ongoing mentoring from a Senior Certified Trainer.  

The Training of Trainers Institute (ToT) is the beginning of the trainer's journey, and is foundational to the CalSAC trainer experience.  This multi-day, rigorous professional development experience prepares participants to deliver high-quality training and thrive as members of the CalSAC Trainer Network.  Participants leave the ToT equipped with a range of resources, new contacts and a deeper connection to the out-of-school time community.

Applications to join the CalSAC Trainer Network are currently closed. For information on how to become a Trainer in the future, please contact Hannah Davidman at or 510-444-4622 ext110.

Trainer Testimonials