Hannah Davidman

Program Manager

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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

— Maya Angelou

Hannah Davidman discovered her passion for out-of-school time programming the very first time she attended an overnight summer camp as a child. Starting that summer and continuing through high school, Hannah attended camps every year, from neighborhood day camps at the local park to sleep-away music camps in the California redwood forest. In order to cover the high tuition fees charged by private programs, she would supplement her scholarship awards by raising money every week during the spring playing her flute at local farmers’ markets. After attending afterschool and summer programs throughout her childhood and teenage years, Hannah worked during her college years as a summer camp organizer and counselor with the East Bay Regional Park District in Berkeley. There she worked at the Tilden Little Farm – where she had also volunteered for many years as a child – sharing her love of animals and agriculture with young campers and park visitors alike.

Hannah joined the CalSAC team in September 2016, bringing a strong background in administrative work and a passion for youth engagement and out-of-school time programs. Before joining CalSAC and returning to the OST field, she graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in American Studies and worked as an office administrator for local Bay Area businesses. In her free time, Hannah can be found playing music and board games or playing at local parks with her two baby sisters. Hannah is also an avid bike commuter and Oakland Athletics fan.


Hannah's Top 5 Strengths:

Context │ Individualization │ Relator │ Learner│ Strategic

Gender Pronouns: she/her/hers