Program Assistant - Collective Impact

Type: Part-time/Full-time

County: San Francisco

Agency: SF Magic Zone

Agency Description:

Collective Impact was founded in 2007. Collective Impact is a unique non-profit whose mission is to bring constructive change to people. We recognize that all people are connected, and believe that, if we work together, we can develop inventive solutions to the issues facing our community. Collective Impact serves as an incubator for innovative programs. We aim to nurture innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues. We provide resources and support to organizations so they can focus on developing their programs.

The Program: Magic Zone – The Magic Zone provides youth services for “K to TAY (Transitional Age Youth 18-24)” and improves the personal and academic assets of each participant. Academic support services include homework assistance, tutoring, and general guidance about how to navigate the school system. Enrichment programming supports personal skills development in areas of responsibility and self-advocacy. This holistic programming introduces youth to new skills and passions, such as technology, arts, health, cooking, writing, and sports. A “Community Engineer” framework is also interwoven throughout program, which provides a deeper understanding of their needs, individualizes support, and facilitates the development of trusting relationships. Additionally, the TAY cohort engages in internships and workforce related skill building, such as resume writing, job preparation, and mock interviewing.


The Program Assistant works directly with youth served by the program. The Assistant works closely with all program staff to implement Magic Zone’s program model daily.

Part Time School Year: 20-30 hours/week
Full Time Summer: 40 hours/week

Salary: $16.50/hour (DOE)

Reports to: Program Lead

Job Responsibilities

Program Implementation:

  • Supervise drop off and pick up of students

  • Assist with supervision of cohort of 20-30 students through the program day

  • Distribution of meals

  • Facilitation of literacy activities, sports and enrichment activities during program day

Reading Program Partnership:

  • Co Educator- Support classroom teacher

  • Lead small group literacy activities

Program Logistics:

  • Assist with supervision free-time, snack, and transition times

  • Participate in staff and program meetings, and student review meetings

Other duties as required by Lead or Education Director


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • In pursuit of 4-year degree

  • Passion for working with vulnerable, low income or high need youth populations

  • Desire to learn and gain new skills and be a team player

  • Flexible demeanor with the ability to multi-task and change focus at any time

  • Confidence in facilitating literacy activities

  • Experience with different methods of leadership and mentoring

  • Exhibits the program values of integrity, cooperation, diligence, and dedication

How To Apply

Submit a resume and cover letter to Chaniel Williams, Education Director at