For CalSAC, building an individual giving program is not just about sustaining the organization – it is about building a culture of giving, creating opportunity for every person to contribute to and take ownership for those things that are most important to them.  We believe that everyone can take active, collective responsibility for creating change.  Engaging in giving - whether by donating or asking others to give - is one of the ways change is realized, and how the transformative work of CalSAC is possible. 

2017-18 Giving Ambassadors

In 2017, the Giving Ambassadors program was launched in conjunction with the start of CalSAC's 35 Years Strong Giving Campaign. Utilizing a peer-to-peer, team fundraising model, CalSAC's Giving Ambassadors raised over $27,000 and were instrumental in helping CalSAC reach its year-end fundraising goal.



Interested in becoming a Giving Ambassador? Contact Lupine Reppert at or 510-444-4622 x109 for information.