Has CalSAC made an impact on your life and you want to pay it forward to others in the field?  Are you looking for ways to expand your skills and build your resume?  Are you interested in learning how you could raise funds to support your afterschool program?  If so, consider becoming a Giving Ambassador!  CalSAC’s Giving Ambassadors deepen their knowledge of individual giving fundraising and try on new skills by raising funds to support CalSAC.  They receive resources, tools and ongoing support as well as join a team of fellow Giving Ambassadors to keep energies high, motivation pumping and fun in abundance!  Deadline to sign up:  September 21, 2018.     

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The whole experience and personal success surprised me and excited me at the same time...
Being pushed out of my comfort zone and asking for money on top of that was challenging, but receiving the responses I did and experiencing the success was energizing.
— 2017 Giving Ambassador

Why is CalSAC Prioritizing Individual Giving?


For CalSAC, building an individual giving program is not just about sustaining the organization – it is about building a culture of giving, creating opportunity for every person to contribute to and take ownership for those things that are most important to them.  We believe that everyone can take active, collective responsibility for creating change.  Engaging in giving - whether by donating or asking others to give - is one of the ways change is realized, and how the transformative work of CalSAC is possible.  We hope you’ll join us in strengthening the out-of-school time field and building a brighter future for the next generation!  Read the article featured in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal about CalSAC’s individual giving philosophy and impact.

Giving Ambassador Expectations:

  • Excited to learn about fundraising best practices.

  • Motivated to support CalSAC’s year-end campaign.

  • Willing to try on the role as a fundraiser, reaching out to friends, family and colleagues to ask them to give.

  • Eager to support their team towards a collective fundraising goal through check-ins, troubleshooting and cheerleading.

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CalSAC Will Provide:

  • Full day training/kick-off event – The day will be full with professional development, networking, resources and tools, designed to equip Giving Ambassadors to successfully fundraise, connect ambassadors to each other and inspire everyone for the work ahead.  Breakfast, lunch and travel (airfare included) will be provided by CalSAC.  The training date will be determined by the Giving Ambassador group and is expected to fall on one of the days on or between October 20-28, 2018.

  • Customizable personal fundraising page - Giving Ambassadors will have their own customizable page to send out to family and friends to get them excited about CalSAC.

  • Email and social media templates – Work with existing language to customize a message to ask your family and friends to give.

  • Team support – Giving Ambassadors will join a team for the campaign to provide and receive support, inspiration and motivation.

  • 1-on-1 support – CalSAC staff will be available to help throughout the campaign – from technical support to troubleshooting - to ensure your success.

Important Dates

  • Deadline to Sign Up:  September 21, 2018

  • CalSAC’s Year-End Campaign Dates: October 29-December 14, 2018

  • Giving Ambassador Training and Kick-Off: The training date will be determined by the Giving Ambassador group and is expected to fall on one of the days on or between October 20-28, 2018.

Informational Sessions

Interested in the Giving Ambassador program but have questions?  Join an informational session!  In this 30-minute session, we’ll outline the program and training as well as make space to answer your questions.

Questions?  Contact us!

Lupine Reppert, Director of Development

Lreppert@calsac.org ● 510-444-4622 x. 109

What excited and motivated me the most was being able to share CalSAC’s mission and my story and how the two interrelate. This is something so important to me and being able to tell that to people I’m close with, and even others I haven’t spoken to in a long time, and seeing how that resonated with them was my motivation.
— 2017 Giving Ambassador

2017-18 Giving Ambassadors

In 2017, the Giving Ambassadors program was launched in conjunction with the start of CalSAC's 35 Years Strong Giving Campaign. Utilizing a peer-to-peer, team fundraising model, CalSAC's Giving Ambassadors raised over $27,000 and were instrumental in helping CalSAC reach its year-end fundraising goal.


Introducing the Giving Ambassador Teams

Capping off our Giving Ambassadors campaign with a fun challenge