BOOST Collaborative's - 2019 BOOST Conference


Attending BOOST this year? Join the CalSAC team at BOOST for a social on Thursday evening. Have a drink, connect with one another and celebrate Ruth’s legacy. RSVP so we know who we can expect.

Questions? Contact Selena at or 415-827-2313


Tapping into the Incredible Potential of Giving - May 2nd

Individual giving fundraising has incredible potential:  It engages supporters in new and meaningful ways, it grows an organization’s reach, and it provides unrestricted funding - allowing programs to determine for themselves which resources and activities are best for youth.  So, let’s get started!  In this session, we’ll explore your relationship to and history with money and power to identify potential barriers to doing the work.  Then, we’ll dive into tools and resources that can help you and your team get moving with an individual giving campaign as early as tomorrow.  Fundraising is at it’s best when done in community with others – find allies in the work and learn how to build your own community of believers who will support your cause, grow your voice and may even help you fundraise! 



Coaching with Head and Heart - May 3rd

Coaching is a process that supports individuals to make more conscious decisions and take new action. It helps individuals identify and build on their strengths and internal resources. Coaching moves a person forward from where they are to where they want or need to be. Join us to explore coaching best practices and practice a coaching technique that cultivates a relationship rooted in mutual respect and care. Come explore this transformative and essential leadership skill!